Monday, June 23, 2008

Hanging Up

Hey dudes,

Well, it feels rather bittersweet to write this - what is gonna be the last entry on here. At least for a fair while.

For various reasons, not the least of which is that I feel like I've lost a lot of the passion that I had when I first started blogging, I've decided to have a long overdue break from blogland. Thanks for reading and occasionally even commenting, I heart it muchly. FYI my website's currently going through a dramatic overhaul, which, once complete (hopefully in the next month or so) will have regular blog-like updates on there, though admittedly they will probably be more random comedic musings and career-oriented blabs, rather than any of the personal stuff.

Which, on the personal note, my main frustration with myself on this blog is my tendency to censor myself far too much on here, which is something that - for the good of my soul and my comedy - I desperately need to remedy. "So running away and hiding is the answer?" you say. Point taken (even if it is from an imagined response from my audience, invented by my very self) but the bottom line for me is that I need to focus my writing time on my actual comedy and projects.

Plus peeps, I'm just so damn tired. The reason of which is posted below, in photographic form.

Life is good. Love ya lots lemondrops. And thanks for being a cyber-friend! xxx

"Jen!" you say. "Did you just finish off your blog with an image of paraphernalia which you actually URINATED ON?"

Uh-huh. I really did.

I know. Genius.

Salada! xx


Girl Clumsy said...

Wow, Jen.

Way to go surprising people!

I guess congratulations are first up; then commiserations to see you heading out of the blogosphere.

I realise now how different we are - you with three kids before you're 30; me with no maternal instinct at all.

However, we've still got the comedy/improv interests in common, and it's been fun hearing of your overseas exploits, being the travel junkie I am.

I hope you'll still keep in contact in some way - by email or Facebook.

Best of luck with your future endeavours!

Cheers, Natalie.

Dale Slamma said...


But I'll miss your blog.


Paul Osuch said...

X marks the spot.

Blogging can be great and we will miss it, but we know it is for the greater comedic good.

You go girl!

Cooper.rach said...

Rock on Girl!! even without being pregnant I can imagine you are tired with all your adventures. I'll miss the blog too - but wow - that is so cool.

You are dead-set legend - no two ways about it.

love ya


Jenny Wynter said...

Nat - Of course we'll stay in touch silly! :) Thanks for hanging around and I'm very happy we've managed to make the translation from blog acquaintances to real life mates!

Dale - Thanks hon, I didn't realise you were hanging around here regularly! Maybe we'll connect in real life too sometime, maybe through Gem or something. :)

Paul - Thanks Paulus. As always.

Rache - Love you too babe, thanks so much. Wish I coulda rung you to tell you the news in person, unfortunately my phone bill this month is already horrendous. The bubba's not even out and already it's costing me money. Agh!! I'll email you soon. xx

Miss Construed... said...

Well done Jen; to both you and the T-Man.

PS Don't you realise yet that Blogland is it's own identity? You have no choice in the matter. So keep telling Us.

Love ya long-time Baby!


Cazzie!!! said...

Woohooo, what a surprise, start practicing swearing and being just foul need to start training for the marathon that is gving birth..ohh, I am excited for y'all :)

Leon said...

Piss week?
You'll come crawling back...

Miss Understood said...

Oh my effing God. What a completely fantabulous way to hang up your blogging boots and say farewell! I wish you all the love and luck in the world.

Don't EVER lose that photo. One day, your bubba will stare at that for HOURS with a beer in hand and burble "That's me, that is."

Hugs x

Sharpie said...

Jenn - oh crap - see I come (late to the party as usual) to try to comment on the blogs I never have a chance to read and POOF! Congrats on the newest addition!

And as far as censoring - why not try a blog with no pics and no names and no filter?? It's what I do - NEED to do to get things off my chest!


Louise said...



Man, slow down a little, my eyes are bleeding from one shock after another!

Congratulations for making a decision that feels right for you-- even if we'll miss you-- and congratulations again for making... well... a baby!

Whoa. But well done.

Jenny Wynter said...

Thanks you guys. I'm glad I met you!!! xoxox