Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And now an urgent news-break

Forgive me if this entry is a little incoherent. My mind is buzzing enough to generate its own heat and my hands are shaking enough to make one wicked cocktail.

Come with me, would you, on a little flashback (earlier this afternoon to be precise, 2.18pm if we're being pedantic.)

I pull into our driveway, ready to unload my mammoth grocery shop, when my eye catches an envelope sticking out of the letterbox. Or more specifically, catches the logo on the envelope: Brisbane City Council.

I sigh. I know what this is. I applied for this grant, you see, A Lord Mayor’s Emerging Performing Artists’ Fellowship and have been expecting to hear the results any day. I glance at the envelope again. It’s thin.


I pull myself out of the car, undo the boot and start taking my stuff upstairs, leaving the envelope of disappointment alone in the letterbox. On my next trip down, I decide that as if unpacking groceries doesn’t suck enough, I’m damned if I’m going to torture myself with the impending doom at the same time.

I rip open the envelope and don’t even bother unfolding the piece of paper. I flip it over and read:

“It is with great pleasure that I advise you of the success of your application to the 2006 Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists Fellowships.”

“You have been awarded $15,500.00 to travel to the USA to undertake three weeks of intensive improvisation training.”



I stand dead still with my hand clasped over my mouth for a full three and a half minutes. I then commence giggling like a complete idiot (a state which I continue to burst into sporadically throughout the rest of the afternoon) and ring people to share my amazing news in between ramblings of disbelief and panic at the thought of how much I have to organize.

SO….the bottom line is that at the end of July, people, JULY! I shall be taking on New York, Boston and Las Vegas for three weeks of comedy and improv training with Second City and Daena Giardella, the best that the jolly good old US of A has to offer. I still cannot believe it, even as I type it. But here I am blogging it, so it must be real.

Oh and before you ask, the answer is yes: I’ll be blogging the entire thing.



Mezz said...


Congratulations Jen.
I tried to call you just now (instead of the virtual congrats) but ur phone is off or something.
I am so excited for you!!

Comic Mummy said...

Thanks Mezz - yah, my battery's flat and I don't have a charger. Thank you babe!!!

Colin Smith said...

AWESOMENESS! You're so lucky. So, me being 34 and all, I guess I'm too old to be a Young and Emerging Artist... -hint hint-

- Colin

Lord Cheeks Malone (AKA Chris D) said...

Darling... I can think of no one more deserving of this! Kick mucho but when in Bushland and bring me back some laughs. WELL DONE! By the way you couldn't lend me a few quid now that your rich! I need a couple a thousand dollars to buy a tank of petrol...

Sharpie said...


Girl Clumsy said...

Hi CM,

Congratulations! That's wonderful news. And I'm not ashamed to say I'm completely jealous. ;)

It's good to see our rates doing something other than building tunnels.

Looking forward to going even greener with envy blog post by blog post!

Cheers, Natalie.

Cazzie!!! said...

Way to go Comic Mummy....glad that has made up your own mind as to not procreate again just now aye??? Have a ball and of post post about it all. It is your big opportunity now.
BTW, can u send me like..a piece of loo paper even with your signature on it so when you go get all famous you don't forget who I am and the loyalty we all show you here? (Note to self: Resale value of such an item could be wonderous on ebay....oops, LOL)

rn_buffoon said...

Wow Jen!! Congratumalations!!

The obvious question is- are you daring enough to tackle the US with Ella and Caleb in tow? Now THAT would be an achievement!

(Totally felt the disappointment-letter part, too.)

Seriously- Well Done! I guess comedy won't let you leave it afterall!

mrsmogul said...

WOW!!! Hey how about sending over that Money over to me? I can use it to type a what to do guide in NY for you in reciprocation. NO really that is fab!!! Remember me okay? I WANT TO GO TO THE OSCARS when one day you will host!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

WOOHOO! Second City is the Big Time! Congratulations! I can't wait to read about your experience.

Huggies said...

Well thankgod it wasn't a rates notice. Congrats!! It's about time Can Do Cambell did something good with the council money.

Anonymous said...

Totally acceptable behaviour for a Lord Mayor! Good girl - sensational stuff. Look out world - for the funny lady gets funnier ;-) cousy crow

Comic Mummy said...

Oh thanks you guys!!!!!!

I feel all mushy....

Colin - I know it sucks, at 27 I'm no longer eligible for pretty much every youth grant there is. Lucky I scraped in for this one!

Lord Cheeks - thank you honey... don't worry, I'll have a beer in your honour while I'm there.

Sharpie - ta!

Girl Clumsy - don't worry, I think even I'm jealous of me at this point. Hey, you're in Brissie right? That means you can come to my workshops when I get back, where I'm sharing all the stuff I learned. I'll even talk in a New Yorkish fashion if it helps.

Cazzie - LOL. Yah, it seems like breeding season is officially over. At least for now. I'm not into toilet paper but I will sign body parts. Call me.

RN_Buffoon - thank you my dear. No WAY am I that brave/stupid, as you'll see from my latest post. I'll have a beer in your honour too.

Mrs Mogul - If you pass on any hot tips on how to make the most of my NY time then you can consider yourself my Oscars date.

Hillbilly Mom - cool to see you on here! I know, I've read so much about Second City over the years and still can't even comprehend that I'm gonna be there. AAAAGGGH!

Huggies - hehe. One good thing about renting I spose, a rates notice is out of the question. I do however, get the odd BCC library fine.

Cousy Crow - you're always so supportive and awesome to me. Love you. x

Sandra D said...

You extrememly, amazingly talented lucky duck! Well done to you! I am totally green with envy. Like Colin I am way too old for such a grant- hahahaha. ooops sorry Colin! Can't wait to read all about it!

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